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About Us

Our Hotel

The Eagle Hotel dates back to 1854 when a directory lists Thomas Glenister, a beer retailer in York Street as the first owner of the building. Then known as the Freeholder it has been owned by many different people over the years including Whitbread. Before they divested themselves of all its public houses in 2001.

Now under new ownership, and with a new name, the Eagle Hotel has 13 modern, stylish rooms built for maximum comfort and convenience.

The High Town Area

High Town is a historic part of Luton which was formerly the home of the famous Luton hat-making district. While the hat-making industry is not what it once was there are still hat makers working in High town. These days the hat district is the arts centre of Luton. Not only that but High Town is home to many traditional pubs in short walking distance from the Eagle Hotel.

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